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Honeywell Zone Board Kit HZ432K

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Honeywell HZ432K Zone Control Board Kit

Control heating and cooling comfort where you want it, when you want it.  With a temperature zoning system from Honeywell, you won't be heating empty rooms, or over-cooling one area to cool another.  Zoning is a comfortable, energy efficient way to enjoy the temperature you want in every room.  Think of it as controlling your heating and cooling the same way you control your lights.

Most homes can be zoned into separate areas depending upon the home design.  For example, upstairs and downstairs, living areas and sleeping areas, offices, dens, often used areas and rarely used areas, just to name a few.  Why spend the money to keep all areas the same temperature all of the time?

A Honeywell zoning system allows you to control temperatures differently in each zone, save money by not cooling or heating areas that are not used, provide convenience if you have family members or guests who like different temperatures, provide for overall better indoor climate control.

HZ432K Features

  • Up to 4 Zones, Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool staging
  • Kit includes discharge air temperature sensor and transformer
  • Intuitive installer setup
  • Standardized checkout procedure
  • Robust push terminals
  • Variable speed fan control
  • Dual fuel capable
  • Additional zones capable with TAZ "Add a Zone" panel
  • Related items - zone dampers, thermostats, wiring (not included in kit)

Model No - HZ432K

  • Model: HZ432K