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Honeywell F200F2010 Media Air Cleaner 20 x 25

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F200F2010 Honeywell Whole-House Media Air Cleaner 20 x 25

F200F2010 Overview

Get cleaner indoor air quality by choosing Honeywell's highest efficiency Whole-House Media Air Cleaner, the F200F2010. When installed in your home's heating and cooling system, it traps and filters airborne particles and contaminants passing through the duct system to make sure that cleaner air is distributed to all rooms throughout your home. The F200 Media Air Cleaner is up to 97% more efficient at removing airborne particles than a standard one-inch furnace filter, and maintains high airflow in your heating and cooling system so that it functions at full efficiency. Get the benefits of a whole-house solution for improving the air in your home with a Honeywell F200F2010 Media Air Cleaner.

The F200F Media Air Cleaner captures a significant amount of the airborne particles in the air circulated through the unit. Recommended as a basic minimum air quality product. Includes cabinet, access door and MERV 13 filter

F200F2010 Features

  • Duct mounted
  • Dimensions (in.) 20 in. x 25 in.Dimensions (mm)508 mm x 635 mm
  • Airflow Capacity (cfm) Maximum-- 2000 cfm
  • Airflow Capacity (m³/hr) Maximum-- 3400 m³/hr
  • Cabinet can support the weight of a residential furnace and cooling coil or air handler
  • Requires no electrical connections
  • Requires no maintenance except media filter replacement
  • Replacement Filters FC100A1037, FC200E1037, POPUP2025
  • MERV 13
  • Static Pressure Drop (in. w.c.) 0.3 @ 500 FPM
  • Includes Media Air Cleaner and MERV 13 Filter
  • UL Listed, UL900, Class 2
  • Does not include Air Watch Switch

Model No - F200F2010

  • Model: F200F2010