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Guardian Air RGF REME-HALO & 120VAC Power Supply Combo

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REME-HALO™ Model REME-H & 120VAC Power Supply Combo

New Guardian Air RGF REME-HALO™ unit with additional Class II UL rated 120VAC / 24VAC / 40VA wall plug power supply. This additional power supply is not a Guardian Air RGF product.

REME-H Overview

The new and improved model of the Guardian Air REME unit is already a big hit. This improved model is called the REME-HALO™. The design incorporates a toolless cell replacement, and adjustable output, which the previous models did not have. These improvements provide for better indoor air quality by allowing faster kill rates of microbials. The quick release design makes if much easier to replace the cell when the time comes.

Working in conjunction with a high efficiency air filter system will greatly improve indoor air quality. 

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The REME HALO now features a quick release design for easy removal of the housing to allow easy replacement of the REME cell. 

The REME HALO incorporates an adjustable shroud, which allows the customization of the Advanced Oxidation Plasma (AOP) output.



  • Guardian Air REME-HALO
  • 120VAC / 24VAC / 40VA UL RATED POWER SUPPLY (Not an RGF Item)

Color of power supply may vary.

Model # REME-H-WPS

  • Model: REME-H-WPS