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MGT2440 Class II Power Supply 120VAC/24VAC/40VA

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MGT2440 Class II Power Supply 120VAC/24VAC/40VA

MGT2440 Overview

The MG Electronics MGT2440 is an inexpensive AC transformer that can be used to supply 24VAC power. This power supply will adequately power a typical single bulb 24VAC ultra violet light kit. If you are powering more than a single bulb, you should consider multiple power supplies or a larger VA output.

24VAC @ 40VA = 1.666 Amps Max

You will need to know the amp rating on your kit to determine the correct power supply.

MGT2440 Specifications

Input Power 120VAC / 60 Hz
Output Power 24VAC / 40VA
Connector Screw Terminals

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year

UL rated


  • Color may vary depending upon availability
  • May also come with or without attachment screw and ground terminal

Model No - MGT2440

  • Model: MGT2440

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