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Ecobee Smart Si Thermostat EB-SMARTSi-01

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Be Comfortable When You're Home, Save Money When You're Not

Ecobee thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can make adjustments on the go from your tablet, computer or smart phone. An easy to read, high-resolution color display and intuitive user interface makes it easy to quickly set a personalized schedule - meaning complete flexibility to work around your schedule since you don’t live your life the same way 365 days a year.

Your ecobee thermostat can remind you to change your filters, or schedule routine maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it. If there is an issue with your equipment, your ecobee will also notify you right away, which can help prevent costly equipment failures. Now that’s smart!

Ecobee’s Energy Modeling Team set out to discover how much energy ecobee customers are saving annually by analyzing data from a random sampling of 18,000 ecobee thermostats. The results demonstrated that the average ecobee customer saves an estimated 24% on their heating and cooling costs each year. In terms of dollars and cents, that’s an estimated annual savings of over $500!


Features / Benefits

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Free mobile apps
  • Easy-to-use ecobee Web Portal
  • No annual / monthly fees
  • Live weather
  • Full color interface
  • Sleek push button control

  • Model: EB-SMARTSi-01